Unique Service from Platform Syncordia®

Platform Syncordia® is proud to offer a revolutionary service which combines cutting- edge technology and best practices to dramatically reduce the cost of claim checking.

How many hours are your billers spending on the phone to simply check the status of claim? Hundreds? Thousands? How much is this costing you and your practice?

A typical biller can check the status of between 2-4 claims per hour. The fully-loaded hourly cost (including benefits and taxes) of a biller is around $25 per hour, which means the average cost per status check is between $6 to $12. Sound Familiar?

Our Account Status Solution® tool will not only reduce the time you spend on these claims. we do it for only $2 per claim!

Simply send us a CSV file containing roughly 10 data points for each claim you want a status on and we will return a CSV file with claim statuses for each claim. This will free up valuable time for your billers to focus their attention on the actionable claims requiring immediate attention. Even if you’re still using paper claims or a mixture of electronic and paper we can handle it!

Statuses can include:

  • Not on File
  • Processing
  • Paid or Denied
  • Requires Medical Records
  • Manual Review
  • Adjudication date and amount paid

If you are interested in learning more about Account Status Solution® and how this may be beneficial for your billing operations, please complete the contact form and one of the Syncordia team will be in touch with you.