Investor FAQ

What is the history of Syncordia?
Syncordia was formed in 2014, with an initial focus on healthcare RCM. Since then, we have organically developed a comprehensive set of modules providing an integrated healthcare information solution.
When did you go public?
Syncordia Technologies and Healthcare Solutions first day of trading on the TSX Venture Exchange was July 8, 2015.
Where can I get a copy of your prospectus/regulatory filings?
Click here for Syncordia’s regulatory filings.
How can I purchase Syncordia shares?
Please contact a registered full service or discount broker. Syncordia does not buy/sell stock directly.
What is Syncordia’s stock ticker symbol?
Syncordia is traded on the TSX Venture Exchange , ticker symbol SYN.
When is Syncordia’s fiscal year end?
Syncordia’s fiscal year ends March 31.
When do you announce earnings?
Quarterly financial statements and interim MD&A are released within 60 days of the end of the first, second and third financial quarters. Annual financial statements and annual MD&A are released within 120 days of the financial year-end.
Who do I contact regarding lost certificates?
Syncordia’s transfer agent and registrar is Equity Financial Trust Company.
Who are Syncordia’s Board of Directors?
Click here for a complete listing.
Who is on Syncordia’s management team?
Click here for a complete listing.