Portfolio Companies


HSI provides claims management services for air and ground EMS (Emergency Medical Services). HSI has some of the most experienced personnel within the industry and they ensure that every client receives the highest level of performance, premier customer service and responsive support. The HSI Performance Platform tracks and analyzes every claim, reimbursement, patient, payer, and recovery action, and implements the most effective path to payment, customizing dozens and dozens of actions to ensure the greatest return.

Billing Solutions

Billing Solutions offers customized billing and practice management services for behavioral healthcare by operating as an extension of mental health and substance abuse facilities, and working closely with management, clinical, and administrative staff to address billing issues head on. Whether a large residential center, an individual practitioner, or a startup or established treatment center, a knowledgeable team of experts provide solutions to medical billing needs. With over 50 years of combined experience providing quality level service, Billing Solutions achieves maximum reimbursement and creates significant long-term results for clients and is a large user of Platform Syncordia products and services to enhance the customer experience and drive operational excellence.


Specializing in Mental Health Billing since 2001, Paragon Billing, LLC is the premier leader in Revenue Cycle Management for Mental Health Professionals. From the solo professional to mid/large clinics, providers use Paragon Billing because they can now do what they were meant to do... Heal. Freeing their practice up from billing hassles and red tape, in a simple and user friendly software platform, providers can focus on more important matters: patient health, patient education, and practice growth. As your partner, Paragon takes a confusing, time-consuming, but necessary part of your practice and simplifies it, supports it, and makes your practice stronger. Paragon also has an integrated, easy to use, EHR that makes mental health patient billing and management quite simplified.