Acquisition Criteria

What We Will Invest In

  • Well run companies with a focus on healthcare with meaningful software, technology services and solutions
  • Have a strong innate desire to continue to grow their product or service — one that could dominate the market and have a profound positive impact on the community and customers.
  • Have a strong ethos for world class customer service. It is important to us that the team really wants to improve the experience for all those that touch the product/service.
  • Have a pipeline of other acquisitions they want to do.
  • Historical earnings — we may on occasion look at a software or technology compatible with our enterprise but we prefer to buy existing earnings.
  • Any size — small, medium or large.
  • Majority or Minority investment are considered Private or Public
  • Existing dedicated teams that want to stay and expand their business.
  • companies with exposure to North America and Europe
  • Compelling business plan with strong capital structure

What to Expect When We Buy

We will run a diligence process that usually spreads over 4-8 weeks. We will perform an operational and financial diligence. The legal process can begin at any time and run concurrent with the diligence. We are flexible as items arise through the process and are very open and transparent as we work through various deal items that may arise. Through the diligence process, we form our post-closing operational plan and strategy with management, they are a part of this process. Additional resources needed to execute on the business strategy are identified and put into place. We have an extensive list of integration tasks/deliverables that need to be addressed before we close. This process usually takes 1-3 months and timing tends to be mostly dependent on the Seller providing the diligence material.

What We Will Not Invest In

We do not get involved in pre-revenue pre-profit opportunities or companies without some form of existing management team that would like to continue to growth the business.