Syncordia was formed by operators for operators, with a passion to improve the throughput, process and success of each business on behalf of its clients, customers and associates. With this in mind, Syncordia seeks to partner with world class operators who want to grow their companies by providing a better service to their customers. Syncordia offers the advantages of an institutional fund, but takes a much more personalized and supportive approach to its portfolio companies. The primary focus is on investing in healthcare companies with meaningful growth trajectories, software and technology service solutions

In evaluating acquisition opportunities, Syncordia follows these driving principles:

  1. We are committed to providing customers a complete solution along with having the systems necessary to grow while maintaining quality.
  2. We are seeking to acquire assets that will complement our businesses.

Syncordia is neither a traditional software company nor private equity investor. Syncordia takes the best of both worlds and seeks to build a better model — one that allows for organic growth fueled by the capital backing of a large organization.

When a company joins the Syncordia family of portfolio companies, it brings expertise in its specific line of business and gains access to powerful, advanced tools within the portfolio, allowing companies to significantly enhance services to existing clients and attract new ones. Together, the Syncordia companies are more successful and able to provide better services to clients while they strive to achieve above average performance.