Syncordia Software has a portfolio investment management approach to its growth by partnering with strong well run companies with a focus on healthcare. We like to partner with well run businesses that have established free cash flow and a strong propensity to growth with meaningful easy to use software and IT service solutions. We believe the key to creating long lasting solutions that are adopted globally is to remove the barriers of use.  The easiest way to remove those barriers is to create refreshingly simple solutions.

Our Philosophy

Syncordia was formed by operators for operators. We have a passion to improve the throughput, process, margins and overall success of our businesses on behalf of our clients and associates. We like to partner with world-class operators who want to grow their companies in a like-minded way, with the freedom to pursue their dreams the way they prefer and make those dreams a reality. Syncordia offers all the advantages of an institutional fund, and more, but none of the negatives. We are operators fulfilling the operator mandate.

How We Are Different

Syncordia was founded with the 2 mandates:

  1. We are committed to providing customers comprehensive services using state-of-the-art systems.
  2. We acquire assets that enhance our portfolio and explore cross selling opportunities.

We are not a traditional software company or private equity investor. We take the best of both worlds and look to build a better model – one that allows for organic growth fueled by the capital backing of a large organization.

What Companies We Prefer To Buy

  • Those with proprietary software and meaningful technology services and solutions. 
  • Have a strong desire to continue to grow their product or service – one that could dominate the market and have a profound positive impact on the community and customers.
  • Have a strong ethos for world class customer service. It is important to us that the team really wants to improve the experience for all those that touch the product/service.
  • Have a pipeline of other acquisitions they want to do. This is a nice to have.
  • Historical earnings – we may on occasion look at a software or technology compatible with our enterprise but we prefer to buy existing earnings.
  • Any size – small, medium or large.
  • Involvement can take the form of direct equity or mezzanine  style debt structures where appropriate