BLOCKCHAIN, AI, SOFTWARE, IT SERVICES, ... in Healthcare. Syncordia Software has a portfolio investment management approach to its growth by partnering with strong companies with a focus on healthcare. We like to partner with well run businesses that have established free cash flow and a strong propensity to growth with meaningful easy to use software and IT service solutions.

Who we are

Syncordia has a partnership approach to growth, teaming up with software and technology services companies with a focus on healthcare. As a company on the leading edge of both service and technology, Syncordia complements internal innovation with acquisition of transformational companies. The mission is to evolve the market leading suite of proprietary tools and processes that enable scale and supports interoperability across the full range of healthcare and management technologies.

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Investment Criteria

  • Healthcare
  • Geographical Focus: North America & Europe
  • Existing dedicated team that wants to stay and grow the business
  • Compelling business plan with strong capital structure
  • We will consider both private and public opportunities
  • Majority or Minority investments are considered

Syncordia will consider both minority and majority investments. We prefer the existing management team to continue to maintain a meaningful equity upside. Syncordia will consider both equity and mezzanine financing opportunities but does not get involved in restructuring or work out situations. We back existing teams. Syncordia’s financing strategy for acquisitions involves a cash and stock consideration as we prefer that all owners of acquired companies also become owners of Syncordia. Our deal structure and process are straightforward and transparent, which results in a fast and seamless closing.

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Syncordia has a portfolio investment approach to partnering up with meaningful software and technology services companies with a focus on healthcare

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Syncordia many proprietary software modules for use in healthcare. This platform helps organizes information for clients, providers, payers, and patients and provides access to a breadth of tools via secure, intuitive, and highly functional portals. Platform Syncordia represents next generation technology for healthcare companies which we continue to refine and enhance.

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Why Syncordia?
Syncordia was created by seasoned healthcare service operators, former CEOs and senior executives with the singular goal of leveraging their combined experience and expertise to build a world class organization.
Syncordia acquires companies with the overarching goal of helping them to strengthen and expand their services.
The company’s most important priority is its customers and its mission is to establish the highest service standards in the industry.
Portfolio Companies